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About the Show

Getting into Carnage

It has certainly been a long time coming. From the classrooms, behind the scenes, to the stage, to in front of the camera! Here comes Nurse Carnage! 
Being a self-taught artist with many different mediums it comes to no surprise what I can do with a make-up brush! I took what I could do on paper and brought it to flesh and made it come to life! I've been in theatre since Elementary School all the way up through High School with Honors. Graduating with my Associates Degree in Commercial and Performing Arts.  My experience includes countless plays and shows and skits and short films plus 8 years as a haunter in Nightmare on the Bayou Haunted House!
I can do both the glamour and the special effects, but I thrive with the gross and gore! Grab a brush and let's play!

No upcoming events at the moment